09.09.2020        Olten theaterstudio 
Zürich Bühne S
Basel Unternehmen Mitte  
Luzern Theaterpavillon
Bern ONO


EVENTUELL. PERSPECTIVE – premier in September 2020

a performance written by eventuell.

In „eventuell. perspective“ the detailed examination of perception and its possible influence is a central theme. The duo deals with the juxtaposition of the terms perception, reality, objectivity, perspective, the (intentionally) directed flow of knowledge and – contained within this – also with censorship and the possible consequences and conditions of all this. „eventuell. perspective“ is the second program conceived, composed and produced entirely by Vera Wahl and Manuela Villiger. With the help of body sensors, live electronics, video, light and performance, the music merges into a continuous work – located between concert, music theatre, emotional statement of the performers, political discourse and documentation.