05.09.2019        Zürich Bühne S 
08.09.2019        Eupen (B) Meakusma Festival
14.09.2019        Wien (A) Off-Theater 
16.09.2019        Novi Sad (SRB) 2k+ 
15.10.2019        Olten theaterstudio 
16.10.2019        Basel Unternehmen Mitte 
18.10.2019        Luzern Winkel


a performance written by eventuell.

The starting point of „eventuell.human“ lies in long discussions about the philosophies of being a human as an individual but also of being a performer and about a possible resulting contradiction. The duo centers the physical, psychic, emotional, biological and libidinous aspects of mankind in their new program and tries to find ways to give importance to all these universal needs in their performance. Quoting from the manifesto „The New Discipline“ by Irish composer Jennifer Walshe: „Perhaps we are finally willing to accept that the bodies playing the music are part of the music, that they’re present, they’re valid and they inform our listening whether subconsciously or consciously. That it’s not too late for us to have bodies.“ Therefore the bodies of the artists are often neglected or figuratively even made invisible in today‘s performance practice – the only purpose of the performing artist is to carry out precisely whatever action is asked for. The body is of minor importance to the content but much more acts as the executor. This collides with the fact that the performers body is his only way to express himself. So, how can a performer truly express himself without losing the connection to his own body as a human being?

„eventuell. human“ is the first program conceived, composed and produced entirely by Vera Wahl and Manuela Villiger. With the help of body sensors, live electronics, video, light and performance, the music merges into a continuous work – located between concert, music theatre, emotional statement of the performers, political discourse and documentation. With „eventuell. human“ the duo offers an intimate insight into their inner view and their perception – altering and/or overlapping between being human and being a performer.

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